Mel Olson Stadium

Mel Olson Stadium originally called White Center Stadium build in 1941. Located in White Center, Washington.

Originally known as White Center Stadium, built in the Summer of 1940, and would soon become the center of the community’s entertainment. The full wooden stadium held upwards of 2,000 people on Friday and Saturday nights, usually overflowing with people down the left and right field lines. On May 22, 1977 the original stadium burned down as a result of arson.

With no plans to rebuild a local activist named Mel Olson lobbied the county to rebuild the stadium. On April 2, 1979 the new stadium was opened and later dedicated in Olson’s name. The current stadium seats around 1,500 spectators.

In 2008 a group made up of Seattle Prep High School, Southwest Little League, the Puget Sound Senior Baseball League, the White Center Community Development Association, King County Parks and other volunteer groups upgraded the infield surface from dirt to AstroTurf. Since the summer collegiate teams inception in 2015 they have continued to make improvements to the stadium.

The Fish Sticks and other groups are currently planning on working with King County Parks to improve stadium seating, the scoreboard, and concourse areas to improve the overall fan and player experience.

Mel Olson Stadium is nick named The Fryer
Mel Olson Stadium in White Center, Washington refurbished in 2008.