Commitment to our Community

 DubSea Fish Sticks Community Fundraisers

The Fish Sticks pride themselves on being dedicated to serving and enhancing their community. Over the past 9 years the team has raised over $50,000 for local groups and non-profit organizations through ticket fundraisers and 50/50 raffles. The team requires players to volunteer weekly, doing neighborhood clean ups, and volunteering at local non-profits such as the White Center Food Bank, Burien Food bank, local little leagues, and Kiwanis Clubs. The team also has a non-profit partner, The Dubsea Community Sports Foundation that will run youth baseball camps, community events, and secure grant funding for athletic scholarships and community improvements.

What does DubSea mean?

Originally in 2015 the team chose the location identifier as “Highline” with the hopes to not exclude any of the greater West Seattle communities including White Center, Burien and Des Moines. During the team’s first few seasons there was confusion between their name, the local Highline High School, the school district, and Highline Community College. When rebranding in 2021 the team was looking for a new location name that would encompass the entire area of the communities they serve. DubSea is an endearing term used to describe the greater West Seattle and White Center area. It has been used by other businesses in the area throughout the years. Dub being slang for “W” in both West Seattle and White Center, and Sea being short for “Seattle” or “C” in White Center. The team is proud to represent the neighborhoods of West Seattle, White Center, Burien, Normandy Park and Des Moines, Washington.